School Schedule:


Breakfast 7:35-8:00
Lunch 11:35-12:20

Breakfast 7:35-8:00
Lunch 12:00-12:30

School Checkout and Chromebook Return

On Friday, May 22, we will be doing final school checkout.  At checkout we will be cleaning out desks, handing out awards and certificates, and returning Chromebooks. In order to make sure that we are adhering to state guidelines, we will be limiting the number of people at the school at any given time.  To help do this, we are asking families to sign up for a time slot to do their school checkout.  If your family will be unavailable on May 22, you can contact the school to set up an alternative time for doing school checkout.  Thank you for a great school year and we look forward to having students back with us in the building this fall.  

Signup Link

Summer Chromebook Interest

We are considering making Chromebooks available for student use in the summer. To find out what the interest level is, we have created a short two question survey.  The survey is linked below. 

Survey Link 

District Parent Survey

We appreciate the efforts and support that the parents of Kane County Students have given to their students during this school closure. We want to have your students in our schools again and look forward to that time. In an effort to plan for the upcoming year and to get your feedback on how online instruction went this year, we are asking parents to please complete this survey for each of their students enrolled in Kane County Schools.

District Survey Link


Free Breakfast For All Students

Big Water School will be offering free breakfast to all students for the 2019-20 school year.